Monday, July 31, 2017

Catching up

Hi all,
   Its been a busy summer. Ethan was hired by our church to mow the lawn and the small country cemetery.  What does that mean? I have been driving him to our church down the road and then to the cemetery just a little further in the opposite direction. I don't mind this so much but it does mean I had to really learn how to drive the truck and a trailer.  He laughs at me but I have been getting better at turning the trailer around. 😃
    We also had a bumble bee swarm decide that my tack room was great for a hive. They built it between a saddle and blanket.  So I asked around and found out that one of  my old English teacher's was a bee keeper. He came and move them for me and we are talking of his helping me get started with bees next spring. Which has been something Joel and I have wanted to do for a long time.
We also had hired some one to come and tile some rooms in the house. This is the master bath, the whole master bedroom and Bath is tiled. Along with our other bathrooms, back porch and the foyer. We also bought the lament flooring for the rest of the house but are waiting to put it down.
When the tile was done the company that installed out solar panels came out. They have been working on them for three weeks now but should be all done tomorrow.
Then my father and his neighbor ( a distant relative of mine) have been cutting our hay. They do this on shares and are even going to buy our share this time sense we want to use up our older stuff.
My garden is growing full blast. brought in my first three ripe tomatoes so far along with canning some green beans. The corn was worrying me a bit. we have had some storms go through that had pushed some over but thankfully they straightened again.
The goats have been enjoying the trees the most I believe. I think maybe they have less bugs up there. This one was almost to the fence line. 
Thanks for stopping by.