Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 22

Well the week is almost over and by have we had a busy time of it. Last weekend 
Both my nephew and Joel's cousin had their Graduation parties. 
Also my two middle boys returned home from a trip to my Grandmother in Idaho with my parents. We also had these little guys hatch. I had eight to begin with but two had bad legs and never made it and then my kids Cat had killed all but these two. 

     These are little quail, I had bought a dozen last year and after that we just love them. These are what they look like as adults. I have them in an old unused Rabbit hutch.
Then this guy has been showing up every day. The kids think its fun to see him walking around the fields. 

Buckaroo has been enjoying the nice green pasture. He has really been loving the half down trees.
The girls have been enjoying their pasture. I can barely see them in some of the brush. 

We have also been working in the gardens every day.

All this work these pour guys are just worn out. 
Eris has claimed Mahala's barbie castle as her own.