Friday, May 19, 2017

Just one of those days

        Well I have been having one of those days. I feel about ready to sit down and cry, so instead I am writing. As i am sitting her typing this post I have a to do list that is growing and time is ticking to when my kids will be home.
         This morning  when I got up and looked right out the window; I found some chickens loose. They have been penned up this whole week sense my garden is getting put in. They seem to think it is there own salad bar. I went out right after getting the kids up for school and found that something had pulled some of the wire open and now the chickens were slowly escaping. After I got it closed again I checked to see how all the chickens were. I'll be honest I don't know if anyone is missing sense I found no bodies and only some feathers that could be normal or left. through out the morning I have worked to get all but one chicken and a guinea back in the coop.

       As I was doing chores I found that my girl goats had found  a way into our bucks pen. I was able to get them back and fix the fence. Then made three trips over to the church. It was our week to clean but for some reason it didn't want to let me in. After three calls to try and get in I have just gave up.

  I have been trying to get everything done this week. We have been working on redoing my strawberry patch, getting almost my whole garden in and trying to get everything ready for a birthday party. You see Joel had his birthday on the 17th and William will have his on June 6th. William will be gone with My parents and Harold as they go to Idaho to visit my Grandmother. So we plan on doing his and Joel's birthday together and this weekend is the only time to do it. So all the things I have been trying to do today and my whole list is growing and the time is shrinking. 😁

  I will also be gone all day tomorrow as my three older sisters and I are spending the day with my Mom. We have plans to go to a garden in St. Cloud and to some green houses along with lunch. I am not sure what else we are going to be doing. Well that is how things are going for me. This is life and though I am stressed out often I love it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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