Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring is here

Well I believe that spring is officially here.We have had some rain last weekend with more 
coming tomorrow night. I am slowly getting my freezer emptied, and once again usable. (SHH don't tell the family but I was able to buy some ice cream for a special surprise some day)
Yesterday I worked outside most of the day. I worked on getting as much of our drive way behind the house cleaned. We don't use that area during the winter sense the sewer lines run under it. (Two months of a frozen sewer and you'd understand.) 
This girl thought that I wanted to play and took my sweet shirt when I put it to the side when I got to warm.  Thankfully she didn't damage it any.

The weather has been so nice that all the kids want to go out side as much as possible. The new swings have been a great hit. 

I have found that some of my flowers are coming up! I love having the color around the yard. But I am having to figure out where to move everything once we move into our big house.

The chickens have also been enjoying the warm weather. They are free ranging as much as possible before I get my garden in, They tend to think that it is just for them so while it is in they are penned into a run. (though I have extra rows of plants just for them.)

Yesterday I also decided to clean out the rabbit cage instead of making the kids. This is usually their job but I noticed some nest building and thought it was a good idea to get fresh bedding for them. ( I was right, I found four little kits in a nest this morning)

While I was cleaning I also moved my little girls here to a grow out pen. One of them will be going to their new home next week. And I am hoping to sell the other two soon. 

Misty is still here and will stay for a while longer. She is full of energy and a personality all her own.

My Dad should be here for Saffy some time this weekend. He is taking her for a while to ride her and then bring her back before taking Misty. 

I am waiting on babies from these four. They seem to be in no hurry and proving that they didn't get breed as early as I had planned.