Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March has arrived

 March has arrived here in central Minnesota. Yesterday we set a new record, the earliest tornado in history. Thankfully it wasn't in my area and I haven't heard of any injuries. An egg customer of mine had it go through their place, thankfully they only had some windows broken and a door tore off of her house. 
   So what was I doing in this state wide tornado watch? I walked outside with my camera to check on the animals and get some pictures (the wind had finally calmed down for a couple of hours.)
   As I walked I could hear the thunder rumbling and seen some lighting in the clouds across the road from us.

  The animals seemed to be enjoying the short brake in the wind. most were just laying around, but as usual when they seen my and started to talk wanting fed. 

The goats are doing well, we have had an easy winter with them so far. I am expecting babies next month or so.

The  rabbits surprised me with some kits. We had two batches born two weeks ago. One had just three that didn't make it. And the second had six but only three have made it. The temp had gone from fifties back down to teens, so I blame the weather mostly. But these last three are chubby little things with their eyes just about open. 
I only have two of my 15 quines left. (thanks to a raccoon.) But these two fallow the chickens everywhere. from roosting in the chicken coop to sitting on my deck and pecking on the windows at me.  I am hoping I have one of each so I might get some hatching eggs from them. 

 Talking about eggs I found this green egg in a nest box this week. I was thrilled. Last year I had ordered a rainbow collection of egg layers. They guaranteed that I would get at least five breeds that laid from chocolate brown eggs to white and Easter eggers. The raccoon had also enjoyed some of those so when I had only brown and white eggs coming I figured that I lost the other colors to the pest.

    What is spring like where you all are at? How do you spend your spring?