Thursday, February 2, 2017

House update

Well I have some updates on our house. Though some of these aren't the newest, I took them 
this last week. 
Okay Now for the show and tell. Anyways, My cousin was sweet enough to lend us her spray painter. so while Joel was busy spraying the  main color in all the rooms besides the kids and the two bathrooms. I did those with the kids and rollers.  This picture is one of the bathrooms, this is the color for both. 
Then we have William's room. Depending on where the sun is this in the sky the color changes. 

This is Harold's room is the next in the show. He like the dark green. 

Then here is Ethan's he also liked the dark color. Between Him and Harold this is the reason why we chose to do a white ceiling. 

Then my sweet little girly girl chose pink. This is no surprise there though I was hoping for a desert rose this one goes from bumble gum to a nice light pink depending on the sun. 

Then a great news, We have lights on the first floor. The Electrician is only able to come over on 
weekends. Joel also been working on the stair cases. 

This will one day be my dinning room. The wood here will soon be the floor in the music room. 

Here is some of our staircase. Joel has been working in the evening on this. It is great that we now have lights to make this possible. 

This is the rest of the stairs. 

Joel was able to put the stairs together and is still varnishing them  
This is the last of the pictures that I have. Thanks for stopping in.