Friday, January 13, 2017

Trying to get back into it..

  Hey, It's been a busy last few weeks. We have been working on the house almost none stop. We have gotten the whole place painted, and now are looking into the flooring and cupboards.
    The only thing is now I have to catch up on everything that I put off. I have to get myself back into my routines and just plain doing things again.

My view from my future kitchen sink.

     We had hoped that the house would be finished by now and that we would have been living in it sense Christmas, But that wont happen. We will be lucky to be in it this spring. So what does that mean to the things I have to get back too? Well I have put off my fall cleaning and some of the deeper cleaning. I need to get back into those things. I want to get the kid's rooms back into shape after Christmas and all the new Lego sets that have been put together needs to find a new home,
    I also have put off some of my canning for as long as I could. Now I need to start getting our potatoes all canned before they start growing new ones. I have slowly been moving them from the basement in Five gallon buckets as I finish canning  the last bucket, I am also starting to pull the pumpkins out to feed to the goats, horses and chickens.

   I also need to get my sewing machine out and get some of my projects done. i haven't even had it out at all this winter. Though the list just keeps growing. along with the mama doctoring of stuffed animals that the kids have been bringing to me.

   Then with the busy time I was barely able to get any of my winter prep done in the barn. unfortunately with the weather rarely reaching above zero I probably wont get much done. But I can still plan what I want to do as soon as it warms up, Some of the things are building new pens for the quail and I need to take the chicken run's wire down and redo it. last fall I had some hens find ways out. But now they are free ranging as much as possible. Then there is the ever cleaning up keep of nest boxes and removing the bedding. I have just been putting fresh bedding down till it warms enough that I can get it clean.
   I also want to do something for the goats, We will be needing to move them around a bit this summer so I would like to start getting the new fencing up for them. Also I want to have things changed a bit for next winter.

    Then the pigs that we will be getting this spring. I need to not only rebuild their pen, (I had last years in the garden till they were butchered) I am also need to find them a new shelter. The calf hut that we had been using with great success was torn apart this winter when we had some strong winds. Pieces have frozen down into my strawberry patch.

I am also needing to start planing my garden. What I am going to grow and if I want to try to grow anything for the sole purpose of feeding to the animals, Last year I had over planted the green beans so I was able to feed the pigs, and birds the surplus. It really helped with the cost of feed.

I am also getting back into making a menu. For the last few weeks I have been slack on the menu planning. Which hasn't helped in the grocery area, or the stress of supper time. So I am going back to the two week meal planning.
 These are just some things that I am thinking on. Are there any things that you would like to get back to?

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