Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Homemade Lipton onion soup mix

I use  Onion soup mix in just about everything. I love using it in soup, roast and other recipes.
But to tell you the truth I hated paying $3 or more for a box with two small packets in them. So I went on a search and found many different ways of making the same mix. So this is my version having tested others. 

    First you'll need all of your spices, measuring cups and spoons. Along with a bowl, spoon and a air tight container. I use a glass jar.

       measure out all the spices into your bowl, or you could just put in your jar.

                                             Then mix well.

Then put into your container. After closing it I always give it an extra shake.

                 Then label. When you go to use this mix 5 Tablespoons is equal to one packet.

                        Onion soup mix

       3/4 cup Dried Minced Onion
      1/3 cup Beef Bouillon powder
     4 tsp onion powder
      1/4 tsp celery salt
      1/4 tsp Paprika
     1/4 tsp Black pepper
    1/4 tsp Parsley Flakes
    1/4 tsp Sugar

   1. Combined ingredients
  2. Mix well and store in air tight container
When recipe calls for one packet of Lipton onion soup, use 5 Tablespoons of this mixture.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We are in!!

In October Joel was finally done making our counter tops. 

He made them from old doors we got my Uncles old farm house.
Once they were done and the kitchen cleaned up we started on the flooring. It took two days (he still had to go to work) for us to get the kitchen, Living room and dinning room done. Total of 6 hours. 
We finished on Friday night and enlisted the kids to help up wash the walls, along with sweeping and mopping the first floor. 

      That Saturday we moved in. I posted on my facebook page that we where moving with silent hopes to get some help. But with it being last minute and last weekend of bow hunting I didn't really count on any help. That was till my Dad called to see when we were starting. He was able to come for a few hours and help. Her-ray!! That meant I didn't have to carry all the furniture with Joel. 
   About an hour after that my Sister in law's Dad showed up to also help. We had all the furniture moved in that Day.

My mother in law had Mahala so it was just us five for lunch, Or linner sense we didn't eat till 3 o'clock. We didn't have my Stove hooked up so Joel ran to town for some food. He even brought Ice cream home, The kids were thrilled. 

Our goal was to have all the beds moved in and set up for the night. Mahala's brother's were kind enough to do hers for her. 

Harold tried to sneak a tablet break after his bed was done, and everyone else was busy.

Ethan was the first to have his room all set for the night. He was thrilled and proud to get the old dresser from Joel's Grandfather's. 

I was able to even get our bed made up though I am still setting up our room. 
We were able to sleep in out new house for the fist time that night. But it took us a week to get everything moved from the trailer house right next door. Now it is either all put away or in the Basement. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

What I've been up to

    Well September flew by for me. Did anyone else feel like they missed a month?
With Joel's help I was able to get the garden almost completely emptied before I left for a week.
This year I did something I have never done my whole married life. I went on a vacation with out Joel. Joel and I have gone to nearby places off and on alone before, but this was the first time I went with out him or the kids. 
I went with my parents to Idaho to celebrate my Grandmother's 91st birthday. I haven't been out to Idaho sense the year before I got married. That was 15 years ago. Joel and I went out to Billings Mt for her 80th birthday. But with four kids in school and our farm there wasn't away for everyone to come with.

What did I find out? I missed my family, Both the ones I went to see and those I left behind. I love the scenery and would have loved to stay.  
Growing up I had always planned to move to Montana. I wanted to have a ranch and have the mountains in the distance. I loved it then and still do. But I am glad that my kids get the chance to know there grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I can't say I ever did sense I only seen them a week or two in a year.  

I stayed at my parents house the day before we left sense we started out at 4 am. We traveled 13 hours before stopping the night. (Did I mention that we drove?) Then we had another 7 hour drive the next morning.  I hadn't done this sense I was a kid. Even now I don't want to sit in the car long enough to go to town let alone another long drive, so why do I want to go out again?

But I will treasure this picture of my Grandmother, Mother and I. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Catching up

Hi all,
   Its been a busy summer. Ethan was hired by our church to mow the lawn and the small country cemetery.  What does that mean? I have been driving him to our church down the road and then to the cemetery just a little further in the opposite direction. I don't mind this so much but it does mean I had to really learn how to drive the truck and a trailer.  He laughs at me but I have been getting better at turning the trailer around. 😃
    We also had a bumble bee swarm decide that my tack room was great for a hive. They built it between a saddle and blanket.  So I asked around and found out that one of  my old English teacher's was a bee keeper. He came and move them for me and we are talking of his helping me get started with bees next spring. Which has been something Joel and I have wanted to do for a long time.
We also had hired some one to come and tile some rooms in the house. This is the master bath, the whole master bedroom and Bath is tiled. Along with our other bathrooms, back porch and the foyer. We also bought the lament flooring for the rest of the house but are waiting to put it down.
When the tile was done the company that installed out solar panels came out. They have been working on them for three weeks now but should be all done tomorrow.
Then my father and his neighbor ( a distant relative of mine) have been cutting our hay. They do this on shares and are even going to buy our share this time sense we want to use up our older stuff.
My garden is growing full blast. brought in my first three ripe tomatoes so far along with canning some green beans. The corn was worrying me a bit. we have had some storms go through that had pushed some over but thankfully they straightened again.
The goats have been enjoying the trees the most I believe. I think maybe they have less bugs up there. This one was almost to the fence line. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 22

Well the week is almost over and by have we had a busy time of it. Last weekend 
Both my nephew and Joel's cousin had their Graduation parties. 
Also my two middle boys returned home from a trip to my Grandmother in Idaho with my parents. We also had these little guys hatch. I had eight to begin with but two had bad legs and never made it and then my kids Cat had killed all but these two. 

     These are little quail, I had bought a dozen last year and after that we just love them. These are what they look like as adults. I have them in an old unused Rabbit hutch.
Then this guy has been showing up every day. The kids think its fun to see him walking around the fields. 

Buckaroo has been enjoying the nice green pasture. He has really been loving the half down trees.
The girls have been enjoying their pasture. I can barely see them in some of the brush. 

We have also been working in the gardens every day.

All this work these pour guys are just worn out. 
Eris has claimed Mahala's barbie castle as her own. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Just one of those days

        Well I have been having one of those days. I feel about ready to sit down and cry, so instead I am writing. As i am sitting her typing this post I have a to do list that is growing and time is ticking to when my kids will be home.
         This morning  when I got up and looked right out the window; I found some chickens loose. They have been penned up this whole week sense my garden is getting put in. They seem to think it is there own salad bar. I went out right after getting the kids up for school and found that something had pulled some of the wire open and now the chickens were slowly escaping. After I got it closed again I checked to see how all the chickens were. I'll be honest I don't know if anyone is missing sense I found no bodies and only some feathers that could be normal or left. through out the morning I have worked to get all but one chicken and a guinea back in the coop.

       As I was doing chores I found that my girl goats had found  a way into our bucks pen. I was able to get them back and fix the fence. Then made three trips over to the church. It was our week to clean but for some reason it didn't want to let me in. After three calls to try and get in I have just gave up.

  I have been trying to get everything done this week. We have been working on redoing my strawberry patch, getting almost my whole garden in and trying to get everything ready for a birthday party. You see Joel had his birthday on the 17th and William will have his on June 6th. William will be gone with My parents and Harold as they go to Idaho to visit my Grandmother. So we plan on doing his and Joel's birthday together and this weekend is the only time to do it. So all the things I have been trying to do today and my whole list is growing and the time is shrinking. 😁

  I will also be gone all day tomorrow as my three older sisters and I are spending the day with my Mom. We have plans to go to a garden in St. Cloud and to some green houses along with lunch. I am not sure what else we are going to be doing. Well that is how things are going for me. This is life and though I am stressed out often I love it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Muffin mix

   Hey everyone, in our house I try not to have my kids eating cold cereal. As you know I have four children. And they eat a lot, I have watched as they ate a whole box of  and then an hour later say they are hungry. ( I do keep some cold cereal for when I am sick or unable to make more right a way.)
One of the Breakfast meals that is great for busy school mornings and the kids love is Muffins. I have made this big mix so I have less work on baking day. Today I am telling you how to mix and make these muffins.

First you need to mix the dry ingredients together. I us a really large bowl for this. 

        Once all the dry ingredients are mixed it needs stored in a air tight container. I us an old glass olive or pickle jar.

    Now when I need to bake some muffins I just take out what I need. I doubled this last batch sense I want to freeze some.

Once everything is mixed you fill the muffin tins. (excuse my old stained pans) 

Then you bake at 400*F for 18-20 minutes. 
let cool on a rack before putting away. 

                                          Hope you enjoy.

    Muffin Mix

Dry ingredients:
8 cups flour
3 cups sugar
3 TBS baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp nutmeg
Mix together  and store in an air tight container. 

To make muffins:

2 3/4 cup muffin mix
1 egg Beaten 
1 cup milk
1/2 cup melted butter
Mix into dry ingredients then add your choice of fruit, berries or chocolate chips. 
Fill muffin tins and bake at 400 for 18-20 minutes.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring is here

Well I believe that spring is officially here.We have had some rain last weekend with more 
coming tomorrow night. I am slowly getting my freezer emptied, and once again usable. (SHH don't tell the family but I was able to buy some ice cream for a special surprise some day)
Yesterday I worked outside most of the day. I worked on getting as much of our drive way behind the house cleaned. We don't use that area during the winter sense the sewer lines run under it. (Two months of a frozen sewer and you'd understand.) 
This girl thought that I wanted to play and took my sweet shirt when I put it to the side when I got to warm.  Thankfully she didn't damage it any.

The weather has been so nice that all the kids want to go out side as much as possible. The new swings have been a great hit. 

I have found that some of my flowers are coming up! I love having the color around the yard. But I am having to figure out where to move everything once we move into our big house.

The chickens have also been enjoying the warm weather. They are free ranging as much as possible before I get my garden in, They tend to think that it is just for them so while it is in they are penned into a run. (though I have extra rows of plants just for them.)

Yesterday I also decided to clean out the rabbit cage instead of making the kids. This is usually their job but I noticed some nest building and thought it was a good idea to get fresh bedding for them. ( I was right, I found four little kits in a nest this morning)

While I was cleaning I also moved my little girls here to a grow out pen. One of them will be going to their new home next week. And I am hoping to sell the other two soon. 

Misty is still here and will stay for a while longer. She is full of energy and a personality all her own.

My Dad should be here for Saffy some time this weekend. He is taking her for a while to ride her and then bring her back before taking Misty. 

I am waiting on babies from these four. They seem to be in no hurry and proving that they didn't get breed as early as I had planned.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March has arrived

 March has arrived here in central Minnesota. Yesterday we set a new record, the earliest tornado in history. Thankfully it wasn't in my area and I haven't heard of any injuries. An egg customer of mine had it go through their place, thankfully they only had some windows broken and a door tore off of her house. 
   So what was I doing in this state wide tornado watch? I walked outside with my camera to check on the animals and get some pictures (the wind had finally calmed down for a couple of hours.)
   As I walked I could hear the thunder rumbling and seen some lighting in the clouds across the road from us.

  The animals seemed to be enjoying the short brake in the wind. most were just laying around, but as usual when they seen my and started to talk wanting fed. 

The goats are doing well, we have had an easy winter with them so far. I am expecting babies next month or so.

The  rabbits surprised me with some kits. We had two batches born two weeks ago. One had just three that didn't make it. And the second had six but only three have made it. The temp had gone from fifties back down to teens, so I blame the weather mostly. But these last three are chubby little things with their eyes just about open. 
I only have two of my 15 quines left. (thanks to a raccoon.) But these two fallow the chickens everywhere. from roosting in the chicken coop to sitting on my deck and pecking on the windows at me.  I am hoping I have one of each so I might get some hatching eggs from them. 

 Talking about eggs I found this green egg in a nest box this week. I was thrilled. Last year I had ordered a rainbow collection of egg layers. They guaranteed that I would get at least five breeds that laid from chocolate brown eggs to white and Easter eggers. The raccoon had also enjoyed some of those so when I had only brown and white eggs coming I figured that I lost the other colors to the pest.

    What is spring like where you all are at? How do you spend your spring?