Monday, November 7, 2016

What I've been up too

    Well its been a real busy late summer and fall for us. Between getting our goats in August and the kids starting school. I have been trying to get the canning done, garden put away and orchard all cleaned out. I still have about two hundred pounds of potatoes, and about five gallons of Apple juice to can up. 
     But this October Joel has been taking half days off of work and even after he gets home at 5:30  we go out and work on the house. We are hoping that we can move in this December. One Saturday six guys that we knew all showed up to spend the day putting up all the ceiling sheet rock. after that I was mostly left to help Joel. The kids did what they could too. 
   So let me take you into the house:
                                          First you enter and turn to the dinning room,

Then we enter the kitchen.

Then you go to the living room. Where you'll see the doors to the back porch/ laundry,
Bathroom and the multipurpose room. Right now we are planning a library/ music room.

A closer look at the main floor bathroom.

And the music room/ library 

Then on to upstairs. This is Harold's room, He wants it green with a nice shelf.

Then next to it is Mahala's room she choose a nice purple color.

Part of the hall way going to the master bedroom.

The kids bathroom, or upstairs bathroom.

from the bathroom door looking out at the future open stair way.

This is the master bedroom 

The master bathroom 

Then up to the attic area. We are planning on making this a teen hang out. 

This is facing the Ethan and William's room's which they both want a blue color.

This one here is William's

And this one is Ethan's

Then finally yesterday we finished painting the ceiling of the foyer and putting in the light. 

Joel made this light from an old wagon wheel that we found on our property when we move here.


Thanks for stopping in to see me and hope your enjoying your fall.

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