Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recanning pickles

 Hey everyone, let me start with saying sorry I have been gone so long. There doesn't seem enough hours in a day to do every thing that I need to get done.  

   Joel one day came home with an unopened five gallon bucket of pickles. These are hamburger pickles. He got it free from a church in town that had it leftover. Not wanting that much in my fridge (even in I had the room) We started to look into ways of saving it. 
    I had found where people just canned it using the time of doing them fresh. So I got my jars ready and drained the juice into another container. I packed the pickles in, then poured the juice back over, and let the air bubbles escape. 

 As  I was putting my lids and rings on the jars I got my water going in the water bath canner. Once the water was boiling I placed jars in for ten minutes.

In the end I had three jars brake, But still had 15 quarts to put away for winter. 

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