Thursday, June 2, 2016


      I went for a walk this morning and decided to take pictures. This is my main garden, I had the pigs in the garden last fall and they worked it up as they extended. My plants are just starting to pop out of the ground. 

The only problem is that now I have some volunteer plants coming up. I will have to move them but I can't wait to find out what they are. 

My tomatoes are doing well.  We had a late frost that had caught them in a poorly covered green house.  I had lost one tray, but these turned out okay. 

The green beans did well too. They were barely seen yesterday. But today they really grew up. I had planned on two rows of beans, but when all was said and done I planted five. I am planing on feeding the animals any extra.

Then on to the raspberry patch, I just planted it this spring. along with the rhubarb. Amazingly no one around here really has any. 

 Next door to the rhubarb we did our potatoes. We ended up with 300 potatoes. We got these all planted in one day.

Then I have a strawberry patch. I haven't been able to weed but I did find this Little guy. I am hoping to dig up all the strawberries once they are done producing so that I get the berries and work up the patch.