Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Welcome, Goodbye, and I don't want to.

The last couple of weeks have been busy for sure. Our welcome is for the two new pigs that 
have joined the farm for the summer. They are just starting to get use to the fact that I am the one to feed them. WE have not named them yet and may not at all sense we are only raising for meat. But we are all thrilled and love watching them. Except Mahala, she isn't so sure of them after the ones we had last year scared her. 

Then this week we said goodbye to our Mable. Joel took her to the sales barn after a month of trying to sell her on craigslist. She didn't like going in the trailer but rode fine for him. I have mixed feelings. She was great for a while but the last year or so she made it to where I didn't like to be in the pen with her. The kids see it as a chance to get in the pen with Saffy ( the horse) to brush more.  

Then I decided to expand the rabbits colony. I need the pen they where in for my chick that will be coming. Though I had hoped to get it done with out any help I ended up calling on Joel to get it finished. The rabbits seem very happy with it right now.  

     Now that the  weather is warmer and the grass is turning green I have so much to get done. Joel has been working on the gardens getting them ready to plant. Yesterday I planted the rhubarb that we received. And tomorrow we will be getting the raspberry plants that someone will be giving us. And soon we will know how our grape vines turned out. 
    I am pulled in so many different directions these days I don't want to do anything. Today was supposed to be baking. I have so many eggs in my fridge I am almost out of space. But after making a couple things I lost the energy. Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow. I going to work on my Menu for the next two week, Grocery list, and a list of things that need to get done out side so that I don't just look around with no idea. 

  Thanks for stopping by. 

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