Friday, March 11, 2016

It's beginning to look like spring

  Well I can finally say that we have added two new farm hands on the place. The first is a one year old cat named Tiger. He is perfect, he is standoffish but still loves to get pet. The only thing I have against this boy is he likes to sit on the deck and watch Teddy go crazy in the house. But its forgiven sense I have witnessed his hunting. 

 The next is Coda our Great Pyrenees, She is about 12 weeks old now. She has been working well so far. She hasn't bothered the chickens or rabbits. The cat even likes her.

The weather has warmed up fast the last two weeks. So the ground has gotten every muddy.
We had our second bone fire this last weekend. Mahala ended up with a fever and was sleeping shortly after the fire. But the boys and Joel brought out the Nerf guns and had a fun battle.