Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday Hunt

This weeks Friday hunt over at Eden Hills is: 1. Starts with G 2. This weeks favorite 3. In the kitchen 

1. Starts with G. Here at the Brier Patch we have been talking about what animals that we will be adding to the Patch. Joel and I decided to get back into goats. Growing up I had sheep and when we were first married we had some dairy goats. We grew the herd to fast for ourselves, with Joel working off the farm and I had so many small kids to care for at home. 

Now We are looking into the goats better than we did before. Joel wants some Spanish Goats sense they are good meat producers with the big plus of being parasite resistant. The only problem we are having right know is that I can't find any in our area.  But we are still looking. The picture above I found on google.

2. Favorite of the week.
My favorite thing this week was the fact that Harold was chosen student of the month. He has so much energy and love to share that I am glad others are noticing how great he is. He was surprised and thrilled with getting the attention.

3. In my kitchen. Well not much is going on in my kitchens lately. In the building Joel and I are in a disagreement on how  it should be set up. In the house we are living in there isn't much new. I have decided to only have cold cereal for emergencies. Its been two weeks were I have made sure the kids have something other than cereal for breakfast.  I have made coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, Eggs, some quick breads and muffins. I am trying to find things that are easy to reheat or that can cook over night. The getting up early and making something doesn't work in our house. (I have tried many times.)

If you would like to join or read others Hunts please check out Eden hills.


  1. I highly approve of goats. ;-) How nice for Harold to be the student of the month! Very exciting. I do understand the construction issues, and I'm only dealing with garage construction. Thank you so much for joining me in Friday's Hunt.

  2. Harold is just beaming, love to see young ones honoured like this.

  3. Goat picture is, like most animal pictures, endearing. And congratulation to your son.

    R. Täysin arkista

  4. Congrats to Harold, what a nice honor!! I have dairy goats and I love them. :)