Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Hunt January 29

  Well for this weeks hunt I have my Eggs. My young hens are finely producing. They are going well even though last week was below zero. 

 Is my favorite of the week. Well Harold just went back to school today. He was running a fever and ended up with an ear infection. This picture was when he was finally feeling better. Though he was sick he said that he would rather stay home with me. 

By the way I am loving this picture because he is finally feeling like himself again.

Then for the last I have sky. This is the only blue sky that I have seen all week. when I seen it I grabbed the camera and quickly ran out to take the picture. To day we are suppose to have freezing rain.

I am linking up to Eden Hills. Please go over and check out others.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday January 22, hunt

     I am once again joining Eden Hill's Hunt. This week we are looking for the Letter D. 

    1. These are our dogs. 

This is Pepsi, she is wondering when I am going back into the nice warm house. With the -30*F Days we have let her in the house. She is starting to show her age and not handle the cold so well. 

 Then there is Teddy. He is loud and loves to torment the cat. He is also the one the Cat picks on.

2. My weeks favorite is the House with the frosted trees. The last two days has had frosty trees and foggy. But  the one thing this summer loving girl loves about winter is the frost covered trees.

3. Then with beauty I went for the frost again.

The old school bell we have was real pretty with the frosted branches.

This spider web is all frosty and to high on my old barn to reach. I like the drippy frost too.

This is my Hunt. If you want to read others please go Eden Hills and have a look around. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Hunt Jan. 15

Thank you coming to see this weeks Hunt.

1. Letter C
2.Weeks favorite

  Aries is my house cat he is almost 2 year old now. Though he spends most of his time hiding from the kids he is a great source of entertainment. He will sit on our small book shelf that was turned into a shoe rack. I feed him up there so Teddy will let him eat (more when he was younger that now). He has on many occasions moved the food dish just right so as Teddy walks by on his way to the kitchen Aries can push the bowl off on to the dog. The kids also love to make up stories of what he thinks as he goes around the house.
2. I honestly didn't get much done for pictures  Taken so I don't have a favorite. Maybe next week.

3. Inside: Now that today's Hunt was inside I thought I would show some of the picture inside our house project.

This is the front door from the master bedroom on the second floor.

Now the second floor from the front door.

 This is the dinning area facing the kitchen and living room. Then from the Living room you see the main floor bathroom and the back door porch with the door. The back porch will also be our laundry room.

Next is the room on the main floor. We are planing on inslating it well to have a bit more sound proofing. This is an office/music room. All the kids take piano and the  two older boys are in band. It can get very loud in our trailer right now. 

This is the Attic area, It's a storage place or just an open place on the third floor. Now on the other side:
This is going to be Ethan and William's room. The two oldest kids have chose these rooms.
 This room will be Harold's room and looks out towards the road. He pick it right a way. His wall is the shared with Mahala in the picture below.
This is Mahala's room and the upstairs bathroom.

Thank you for joining me today. If you would like to checkout more hunts go over to Eden Hills. Please come by any time.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Hunt: January 8th

I have decided to join Teresa over at  Eden Hills. She has started a Friday Hunt where we do a search as I understand of the alphabet.  She gives us three things to post for the week.  This week she gave us these things:
1. Starts with B
2. Week's Favorite
3. Outside

1. Every thing I have today has something to do with a B.  I went around my place and took pictures. It's been a while sense I just played with my camera, and with the warm weather I decided to see what I got. 

First is the bunnies, these are just our girls that I raise in a colony setting. I am hoping to breed them soon.  Then comes our barn, It was the first building built on the property when the Hoglund's settled the place. It will be getting replaced in a few years sense. We were hoping to fix it up but it is past the point of saving.  

 2. My favorite picture that I took is of the Brier Rose.

Joel and the kids thought that we needed to name our house. So after a while I came up with the Brier Rose. We call her Rose for short. Joel and our plumber friend Ben will soon be done with the in floor heating and will finish up the water lines. Can't wait to have that done and get the wiring all done. 

3. Outside :  I was about to come in when the thought of trying to get a picture of some birds at the feeder came to me. Unfortunately none where willing to come as I stood there. But I did find this guy watching me in the tree. 

Now next week is going to be below zero so I don't know how much I will be out side. But at least it is warmer than most winters. 

Thanks for joining me today and stop By Friday Hunt @ Eden Hills to check out others that are joining.