Monday, November 7, 2016

What I've been up too

    Well its been a real busy late summer and fall for us. Between getting our goats in August and the kids starting school. I have been trying to get the canning done, garden put away and orchard all cleaned out. I still have about two hundred pounds of potatoes, and about five gallons of Apple juice to can up. 
     But this October Joel has been taking half days off of work and even after he gets home at 5:30  we go out and work on the house. We are hoping that we can move in this December. One Saturday six guys that we knew all showed up to spend the day putting up all the ceiling sheet rock. after that I was mostly left to help Joel. The kids did what they could too. 
   So let me take you into the house:
                                          First you enter and turn to the dinning room,

Then we enter the kitchen.

Then you go to the living room. Where you'll see the doors to the back porch/ laundry,
Bathroom and the multipurpose room. Right now we are planning a library/ music room.

A closer look at the main floor bathroom.

And the music room/ library 

Then on to upstairs. This is Harold's room, He wants it green with a nice shelf.

Then next to it is Mahala's room she choose a nice purple color.

Part of the hall way going to the master bedroom.

The kids bathroom, or upstairs bathroom.

from the bathroom door looking out at the future open stair way.

This is the master bedroom 

The master bathroom 

Then up to the attic area. We are planning on making this a teen hang out. 

This is facing the Ethan and William's room's which they both want a blue color.

This one here is William's

And this one is Ethan's

Then finally yesterday we finished painting the ceiling of the foyer and putting in the light. 

Joel made this light from an old wagon wheel that we found on our property when we move here.


Thanks for stopping in to see me and hope your enjoying your fall.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recanning pickles

 Hey everyone, let me start with saying sorry I have been gone so long. There doesn't seem enough hours in a day to do every thing that I need to get done.  

   Joel one day came home with an unopened five gallon bucket of pickles. These are hamburger pickles. He got it free from a church in town that had it leftover. Not wanting that much in my fridge (even in I had the room) We started to look into ways of saving it. 
    I had found where people just canned it using the time of doing them fresh. So I got my jars ready and drained the juice into another container. I packed the pickles in, then poured the juice back over, and let the air bubbles escape. 

 As  I was putting my lids and rings on the jars I got my water going in the water bath canner. Once the water was boiling I placed jars in for ten minutes.

In the end I had three jars brake, But still had 15 quarts to put away for winter. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016


      I went for a walk this morning and decided to take pictures. This is my main garden, I had the pigs in the garden last fall and they worked it up as they extended. My plants are just starting to pop out of the ground. 

The only problem is that now I have some volunteer plants coming up. I will have to move them but I can't wait to find out what they are. 

My tomatoes are doing well.  We had a late frost that had caught them in a poorly covered green house.  I had lost one tray, but these turned out okay. 

The green beans did well too. They were barely seen yesterday. But today they really grew up. I had planned on two rows of beans, but when all was said and done I planted five. I am planing on feeding the animals any extra.

Then on to the raspberry patch, I just planted it this spring. along with the rhubarb. Amazingly no one around here really has any. 

 Next door to the rhubarb we did our potatoes. We ended up with 300 potatoes. We got these all planted in one day.

Then I have a strawberry patch. I haven't been able to weed but I did find this Little guy. I am hoping to dig up all the strawberries once they are done producing so that I get the berries and work up the patch. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Welcome, Goodbye, and I don't want to.

The last couple of weeks have been busy for sure. Our welcome is for the two new pigs that 
have joined the farm for the summer. They are just starting to get use to the fact that I am the one to feed them. WE have not named them yet and may not at all sense we are only raising for meat. But we are all thrilled and love watching them. Except Mahala, she isn't so sure of them after the ones we had last year scared her. 

Then this week we said goodbye to our Mable. Joel took her to the sales barn after a month of trying to sell her on craigslist. She didn't like going in the trailer but rode fine for him. I have mixed feelings. She was great for a while but the last year or so she made it to where I didn't like to be in the pen with her. The kids see it as a chance to get in the pen with Saffy ( the horse) to brush more.  

Then I decided to expand the rabbits colony. I need the pen they where in for my chick that will be coming. Though I had hoped to get it done with out any help I ended up calling on Joel to get it finished. The rabbits seem very happy with it right now.  

     Now that the  weather is warmer and the grass is turning green I have so much to get done. Joel has been working on the gardens getting them ready to plant. Yesterday I planted the rhubarb that we received. And tomorrow we will be getting the raspberry plants that someone will be giving us. And soon we will know how our grape vines turned out. 
    I am pulled in so many different directions these days I don't want to do anything. Today was supposed to be baking. I have so many eggs in my fridge I am almost out of space. But after making a couple things I lost the energy. Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow. I going to work on my Menu for the next two week, Grocery list, and a list of things that need to get done out side so that I don't just look around with no idea. 

  Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Busy Weekend

 With the 70 degree weather this weekend we braved the strong winds to get things done. Joel worked on finding the lead in the tractors gas line. We also worked on cleaning the big house up so that the Electrician can get around once he gets to us.
   While Joel and Mahala made a needed run to town for some last minute plumbing supplies. I rounded up the boys and we cleaned barn. We started with just cleaning the rabbit cages and went from there.  

Sense we buy our feed in bulk some times we need to use my rain barrel to hold extra. I gave William the Job of emptying the last of it so I could use it again. Ethan had his heart set on riding horse so he went straight to that pen sense the barn gate was blocked. (Usually I us the out door gate but the cow is starting to act up and so I say out of the pasture. I help Ethan block the door so the animals would quite coming in thinking it was feeding time.

 The first to ride

   Harold was given the task to open gates and pick up any garbage that he could find. I am surprised with how many plastic bottles that Coda had brought in to chew.  But finally we had the garbage cleaned and the square bales (for the rabbits) re stacked, That was my job. We also got the walk way well cleaned. 
Second to go
I am always amazed at how much I have to clean every spring and fall in the barn. I have always tried to keep things tidied in there. Now with the older boys doing most of the chores on non school days it seems to get less care than before.

Proud cowboy 

Some of you might wonder why the kids don't do chores along with school. I get that asked by some others around here. We have no electricity in the barn. So we have to wait for the sun light. Though Joel has set up some lights inside that we plug in they don't give enough light for doing things in the whole barn. After school the kids have piano and home work add that to getting off the bus at 4 and you have lost day light. We also want them to have time to play and unwind. So I do chores while they are gone and they do them all summer and one weekends. It works out very well. 

every one had fun

While I was cleaning I found a better spot to build a colony pen for our female rabbits. Sense our barn was an old dairy barn we have to work around a lot of things we can't move. (One day it will be replaced. ) I found a nice place that will give room and I only need to build one wall and a door for it. It will also be on cement so it will be easier for everyone to clean and no worry about them trying to dig out. Now to get it cleaned and built. 

Even I got on

 I will be honest with you. I haven't rode sense before Harold was born. I was hurt by a young horse I was training. I was unable to get on again for a while, Then we found out Harold was one the way. I was never able to ride while pregnant sense it caused contractions. 
   There is an old saying "If you fall of get back on". I had done that my whole life. Even watching my father get hurt never stopped me. But after this time with two toddlers in the house with my Husband suddenly I realized. If I got hurt things weren't that easy as when I was childless. ( which was also my teens.)

I have tried a couple times to get back one, but never could. But on Saturday Joel decided he'd Help me out. With him leading I was able to get back on. Though I am far from just going out again like I had, I am one step closer to being where I want to be. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

It's beginning to look like spring

  Well I can finally say that we have added two new farm hands on the place. The first is a one year old cat named Tiger. He is perfect, he is standoffish but still loves to get pet. The only thing I have against this boy is he likes to sit on the deck and watch Teddy go crazy in the house. But its forgiven sense I have witnessed his hunting. 

 The next is Coda our Great Pyrenees, She is about 12 weeks old now. She has been working well so far. She hasn't bothered the chickens or rabbits. The cat even likes her.

The weather has warmed up fast the last two weeks. So the ground has gotten every muddy.
We had our second bone fire this last weekend. Mahala ended up with a fever and was sleeping shortly after the fire. But the boys and Joel brought out the Nerf guns and had a fun battle.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday Hunt

This weeks Friday hunt over at Eden Hills is: 1. Starts with G 2. This weeks favorite 3. In the kitchen 

1. Starts with G. Here at the Brier Patch we have been talking about what animals that we will be adding to the Patch. Joel and I decided to get back into goats. Growing up I had sheep and when we were first married we had some dairy goats. We grew the herd to fast for ourselves, with Joel working off the farm and I had so many small kids to care for at home. 

Now We are looking into the goats better than we did before. Joel wants some Spanish Goats sense they are good meat producers with the big plus of being parasite resistant. The only problem we are having right know is that I can't find any in our area.  But we are still looking. The picture above I found on google.

2. Favorite of the week.
My favorite thing this week was the fact that Harold was chosen student of the month. He has so much energy and love to share that I am glad others are noticing how great he is. He was surprised and thrilled with getting the attention.

3. In my kitchen. Well not much is going on in my kitchens lately. In the building Joel and I are in a disagreement on how  it should be set up. In the house we are living in there isn't much new. I have decided to only have cold cereal for emergencies. Its been two weeks were I have made sure the kids have something other than cereal for breakfast.  I have made coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, Eggs, some quick breads and muffins. I am trying to find things that are easy to reheat or that can cook over night. The getting up early and making something doesn't work in our house. (I have tried many times.)

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Hunt January 29

  Well for this weeks hunt I have my Eggs. My young hens are finely producing. They are going well even though last week was below zero. 

 Is my favorite of the week. Well Harold just went back to school today. He was running a fever and ended up with an ear infection. This picture was when he was finally feeling better. Though he was sick he said that he would rather stay home with me. 

By the way I am loving this picture because he is finally feeling like himself again.

Then for the last I have sky. This is the only blue sky that I have seen all week. when I seen it I grabbed the camera and quickly ran out to take the picture. To day we are suppose to have freezing rain.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday January 22, hunt

     I am once again joining Eden Hill's Hunt. This week we are looking for the Letter D. 

    1. These are our dogs. 

This is Pepsi, she is wondering when I am going back into the nice warm house. With the -30*F Days we have let her in the house. She is starting to show her age and not handle the cold so well. 

 Then there is Teddy. He is loud and loves to torment the cat. He is also the one the Cat picks on.

2. My weeks favorite is the House with the frosted trees. The last two days has had frosty trees and foggy. But  the one thing this summer loving girl loves about winter is the frost covered trees.

3. Then with beauty I went for the frost again.

The old school bell we have was real pretty with the frosted branches.

This spider web is all frosty and to high on my old barn to reach. I like the drippy frost too.

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