Thursday, December 31, 2015

Friday Hunt

I have decided to join Teresa over at  Eden Hills. She has started a Friday Hunt where we do a search as I understand of the alphabet.  She gives us three things to post for the week.  This week she gave us these things:
1. Starts with an A.
2.Week's favorite
3. Celebrate 

 So here I go. For the A's I could only think of Anikin. He is a favorite of mine though He's my Son's. He is so easy going that Ethan puts him on a leash and tries to take him for walks. When his pen is cleaned the kids leave it open as they work around and he never tries to run. He also likes to chase my small dog teddy around the place.  

For my Weeks favorite: Sorry this is from my phone so may not be that good. Mahala got a new doll from a Grandma. She named her after her cousin sense they are such great friends.

Then for my Celebrations: I have something a little different kind for you. I spent time on youtube and found some video's on how to cut hair, Not only did I do Mahala's but even the boy's. Unfortunately. I didn't get the boys before picture doing it the night before Mahala's.

The boys were thrilled that I could spike there hair with aloe gel. Though you couldn't see this in the picture.

I hope you enjoyed my part. you can go back over to Eden Hills to see more.


  1. Thank you so much for joining in. Anikin is adorable! That is a cute doll. I certainly would celebrate doing the kids' hair. The one time I cut my son's hair (when he was just a year old), I ended up cutting his ear. I will not cut anyone's hair.

    1. Thanks for having the Hunt for me to join. I love reading your blog.

  2. What a sweet little bunny. We have some living under one of our sheds. I see their prints in the snow. Great job with the haircuts. I'm here by way of Eden Hills.

    1. Thanks for coming. Our farm dogs have always kept the wild bunnies away from our place. But I see them once in a while when I go for walks.

  3. Gosh, the thought of the bunny on a lease tickles my imagination. Thanks for that.
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