Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Welcome to The Brier Patch Farm. The name was finely chosen because of the brambles that over took the Farmstead that had been left for thirty years before we started the clean up. My husband and I had started cleaning out the old abandoned homestead the summer of my Junior year in high school. The three acres plot was to be our wedding gift from my In Laws, who left the building site alone and only farmed the fields around.

Joel and I married two weeks after my high school graduation, which will be 13 years in June. We moved in to a trailer house that we had moved on the fall before. And just last summer we got our house up. We have done every thing as we could pay in cash. Which has been nice since we have no debt in a world over run with it.  We hope to be moved in by next winter.

Joel and I have four children, Three boys ages 12, 10 and 7. With our girl at the end at 5. We are living our lives trying to live naturally. We are trying to raise all of our own food and have grown our acreage from the small three to a little over 200 acres. We spend most of our time working on the Farm and with family all around there is always something going on.

We also attend a small country church down the road. It is a small building that  my Husband’s family along with most of the older neighborhood families built from trees on the neighboring farms.
  Now to my blog, What you will find here is wide-spread. I will be writing about our farm life as things go on. From our Rabbits and chickens to the cow and Horse. with some stories of the human kids and our cats and Dogs. And any other animals I can convince my husband to have.
I also will be writing about my herbalism and use of Essential oils. From use in our medicine cabinet to cleaning the house to barnyard use. Along with our change in diet, ( With my high insulin and low cholesterol)  With recipes and anything I might find interesting. To my hobbies of Sewing, reading, knitting, embroidery, gardening and canning.
I hope you will enjoy and come back often. Please leave a comment if you wish.

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