Friday, November 13, 2015

Thoughts on a Cattle Auction

My Mother in law wanted the kids on a Tuesday night this summer so Joel and I decided to go to the cattle auction to see what there was. Though we came home empty-handed we did learn a few things. Joel had never been to an animal auction. I have been to several horse auctions with my Dad. I always found it fun and exciting. But I knew horses, being around them from the time I was born. I know only little about cattle. I am learning with my Mabel since she was my first.  I didn't bring my camera so I have no pictures of anything we seen.
So going to my first Cattle auction was fun, ( though more for me than Joel) I learned things that I have never thought of before. Besides the first one, I Thought Joel understood going to Machinery auctions.
First:Bringing someone to understand the auctioneer would be helpful. though we did have fun trying to guess what he said.
Second: The calves and cows that we had seen on Craigslist and on my Many groups on Facebook where not higher in price. We had passed on some nice calves since we had a lower price in mind. We thought we would be able to pick up several for the prices we were seeing for one on Craigslist.
Third:We need to know the farms around the area better sense they kept saying where the cattle were raised.
Fourth: We need to talk more about what we want, (not just waiting for the other to say let's try for that one.) We missed some calves for a great price because we were waiting for the other to say it.
We also need to talk about breeds and even gender. We could have raised steers for this year and sell them next or so before going for a heifer.
Fifth:We may want to think again about the beef cattle.  The people in the ring with the cattle were moving around and even touching the dairy cows. But when the beef breads came up they stood be hind some guards. Even for the yearlings. Making Joel and I wonder if they are a good idea.
Though that is also part of why I wanted a calf. I want to have a cow that is friendly and broke to lead. I want to be able to touch it and care for it. I don't want an animal I have to fear. I have kids that are also out and about with me I need to thing of them.  I also know that I need to be able to handle it if needed for calving and Vets.
What about you? Do you have cattle? Have you been to an auction?  What are your thoughts?

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