Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Farm Tour

I thought that you all might like to get a tour of the animals we raise on our farm. I have some cats that didn't want to get their pictures taken. I couldn't find them when I went out with my camera. So I will start with the Rabbits.

This is Anaikin (yes after Star wars). My husband got him free from an older couple. But forgot his breed before heading home. But Ethan was thrilled with him. He carries Anakin around or putts on his collar and leash letting Anakin hop and eat. they love the fact that he chases My little yorkie.

This is Caramel, because of his soft brown ears. He is a New Zealand crossed with a Californian. He will be the dad to any babies we get around here.

These are the girls. I call them one and two. They look just alike so we never could figure out who was who. They are also Californian cross NZ. We are hoping to get them breed soon. I like them in the colony set up and if I had more room in the barn my boys would be more open penned.The girls are always hoping around or stretched out like this. They seem so happy all the time.

  In the spring and fall when I don't have a garden in the chickens free range. Nothing is better than finding all the eggs and my family love the deep orange yolks in the eggs.

This is Pepsi, she loves attention and doesn't pay too  much attention to where she is running. She is about seven years old.

Here is Teddy. He is my yorkie. He is mostly just a trouble maker that chases the cats, fallows me everywhere, and gets chased by the rabbits and pecked by the chickens.

This is Safy. She is actually my second cousin's. But since she is in college and unable have her she is here. I was thankful for her this winter just so my Cow wasn't alone. I had seen them standing by each other on some of those really cold days. 

Here is Mabel.   she is a jersey and Joel got her for my Mother's day gift three years ago. 

Then this was our first year having pigs. This is Doctor Ham and Professor Bacon. 

We have also tossed around the idea of goats again or even some sheep. But for right now these are the farm animal part of are farm.

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