Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March has arrived

 March has arrived here in central Minnesota. Yesterday we set a new record, the earliest tornado in history. Thankfully it wasn't in my area and I haven't heard of any injuries. An egg customer of mine had it go through their place, thankfully they only had some windows broken and a door tore off of her house. 
   So what was I doing in this state wide tornado watch? I walked outside with my camera to check on the animals and get some pictures (the wind had finally calmed down for a couple of hours.)
   As I walked I could hear the thunder rumbling and seen some lighting in the clouds across the road from us.

  The animals seemed to be enjoying the short brake in the wind. most were just laying around, but as usual when they seen my and started to talk wanting fed. 

The goats are doing well, we have had an easy winter with them so far. I am expecting babies next month or so.

The  rabbits surprised me with some kits. We had two batches born two weeks ago. One had just three that didn't make it. And the second had six but only three have made it. The temp had gone from fifties back down to teens, so I blame the weather mostly. But these last three are chubby little things with their eyes just about open. 
I only have two of my 15 quines left. (thanks to a raccoon.) But these two fallow the chickens everywhere. from roosting in the chicken coop to sitting on my deck and pecking on the windows at me.  I am hoping I have one of each so I might get some hatching eggs from them. 

 Talking about eggs I found this green egg in a nest box this week. I was thrilled. Last year I had ordered a rainbow collection of egg layers. They guaranteed that I would get at least five breeds that laid from chocolate brown eggs to white and Easter eggers. The raccoon had also enjoyed some of those so when I had only brown and white eggs coming I figured that I lost the other colors to the pest.

    What is spring like where you all are at? How do you spend your spring?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

House update

Well I have some updates on our house. Though some of these aren't the newest, I took them 
this last week. 
Okay Now for the show and tell. Anyways, My cousin was sweet enough to lend us her spray painter. so while Joel was busy spraying the  main color in all the rooms besides the kids and the two bathrooms. I did those with the kids and rollers.  This picture is one of the bathrooms, this is the color for both. 
Then we have William's room. Depending on where the sun is this in the sky the color changes. 

This is Harold's room is the next in the show. He like the dark green. 

Then here is Ethan's he also liked the dark color. Between Him and Harold this is the reason why we chose to do a white ceiling. 

Then my sweet little girly girl chose pink. This is no surprise there though I was hoping for a desert rose this one goes from bumble gum to a nice light pink depending on the sun. 

Then a great news, We have lights on the first floor. The Electrician is only able to come over on 
weekends. Joel also been working on the stair cases. 

This will one day be my dinning room. The wood here will soon be the floor in the music room. 

Here is some of our staircase. Joel has been working in the evening on this. It is great that we now have lights to make this possible. 

This is the rest of the stairs. 

Joel was able to put the stairs together and is still varnishing them  
This is the last of the pictures that I have. Thanks for stopping in. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Trying to get back into it..

  Hey, It's been a busy last few weeks. We have been working on the house almost none stop. We have gotten the whole place painted, and now are looking into the flooring and cupboards.
    The only thing is now I have to catch up on everything that I put off. I have to get myself back into my routines and just plain doing things again.

My view from my future kitchen sink.

     We had hoped that the house would be finished by now and that we would have been living in it sense Christmas, But that wont happen. We will be lucky to be in it this spring. So what does that mean to the things I have to get back too? Well I have put off my fall cleaning and some of the deeper cleaning. I need to get back into those things. I want to get the kid's rooms back into shape after Christmas and all the new Lego sets that have been put together needs to find a new home,
    I also have put off some of my canning for as long as I could. Now I need to start getting our potatoes all canned before they start growing new ones. I have slowly been moving them from the basement in Five gallon buckets as I finish canning  the last bucket, I am also starting to pull the pumpkins out to feed to the goats, horses and chickens.

   I also need to get my sewing machine out and get some of my projects done. i haven't even had it out at all this winter. Though the list just keeps growing. along with the mama doctoring of stuffed animals that the kids have been bringing to me.

   Then with the busy time I was barely able to get any of my winter prep done in the barn. unfortunately with the weather rarely reaching above zero I probably wont get much done. But I can still plan what I want to do as soon as it warms up, Some of the things are building new pens for the quail and I need to take the chicken run's wire down and redo it. last fall I had some hens find ways out. But now they are free ranging as much as possible. Then there is the ever cleaning up keep of nest boxes and removing the bedding. I have just been putting fresh bedding down till it warms enough that I can get it clean.
   I also want to do something for the goats, We will be needing to move them around a bit this summer so I would like to start getting the new fencing up for them. Also I want to have things changed a bit for next winter.

    Then the pigs that we will be getting this spring. I need to not only rebuild their pen, (I had last years in the garden till they were butchered) I am also need to find them a new shelter. The calf hut that we had been using with great success was torn apart this winter when we had some strong winds. Pieces have frozen down into my strawberry patch.

I am also needing to start planing my garden. What I am going to grow and if I want to try to grow anything for the sole purpose of feeding to the animals, Last year I had over planted the green beans so I was able to feed the pigs, and birds the surplus. It really helped with the cost of feed.

I am also getting back into making a menu. For the last few weeks I have been slack on the menu planning. Which hasn't helped in the grocery area, or the stress of supper time. So I am going back to the two week meal planning.
 These are just some things that I am thinking on. Are there any things that you would like to get back to?

Monday, November 7, 2016

What I've been up too

    Well its been a real busy late summer and fall for us. Between getting our goats in August and the kids starting school. I have been trying to get the canning done, garden put away and orchard all cleaned out. I still have about two hundred pounds of potatoes, and about five gallons of Apple juice to can up. 
     But this October Joel has been taking half days off of work and even after he gets home at 5:30  we go out and work on the house. We are hoping that we can move in this December. One Saturday six guys that we knew all showed up to spend the day putting up all the ceiling sheet rock. after that I was mostly left to help Joel. The kids did what they could too. 
   So let me take you into the house:
                                          First you enter and turn to the dinning room,

Then we enter the kitchen.

Then you go to the living room. Where you'll see the doors to the back porch/ laundry,
Bathroom and the multipurpose room. Right now we are planning a library/ music room.

A closer look at the main floor bathroom.

And the music room/ library 

Then on to upstairs. This is Harold's room, He wants it green with a nice shelf.

Then next to it is Mahala's room she choose a nice purple color.

Part of the hall way going to the master bedroom.

The kids bathroom, or upstairs bathroom.

from the bathroom door looking out at the future open stair way.

This is the master bedroom 

The master bathroom 

Then up to the attic area. We are planning on making this a teen hang out. 

This is facing the Ethan and William's room's which they both want a blue color.

This one here is William's

And this one is Ethan's

Then finally yesterday we finished painting the ceiling of the foyer and putting in the light. 

Joel made this light from an old wagon wheel that we found on our property when we move here.


Thanks for stopping in to see me and hope your enjoying your fall.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recanning pickles

 Hey everyone, let me start with saying sorry I have been gone so long. There doesn't seem enough hours in a day to do every thing that I need to get done.  

   Joel one day came home with an unopened five gallon bucket of pickles. These are hamburger pickles. He got it free from a church in town that had it leftover. Not wanting that much in my fridge (even in I had the room) We started to look into ways of saving it. 
    I had found where people just canned it using the time of doing them fresh. So I got my jars ready and drained the juice into another container. I packed the pickles in, then poured the juice back over, and let the air bubbles escape. 

 As  I was putting my lids and rings on the jars I got my water going in the water bath canner. Once the water was boiling I placed jars in for ten minutes.

In the end I had three jars brake, But still had 15 quarts to put away for winter. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016


      I went for a walk this morning and decided to take pictures. This is my main garden, I had the pigs in the garden last fall and they worked it up as they extended. My plants are just starting to pop out of the ground. 

The only problem is that now I have some volunteer plants coming up. I will have to move them but I can't wait to find out what they are. 

My tomatoes are doing well.  We had a late frost that had caught them in a poorly covered green house.  I had lost one tray, but these turned out okay. 

The green beans did well too. They were barely seen yesterday. But today they really grew up. I had planned on two rows of beans, but when all was said and done I planted five. I am planing on feeding the animals any extra.

Then on to the raspberry patch, I just planted it this spring. along with the rhubarb. Amazingly no one around here really has any. 

 Next door to the rhubarb we did our potatoes. We ended up with 300 potatoes. We got these all planted in one day.

Then I have a strawberry patch. I haven't been able to weed but I did find this Little guy. I am hoping to dig up all the strawberries once they are done producing so that I get the berries and work up the patch. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Welcome, Goodbye, and I don't want to.

The last couple of weeks have been busy for sure. Our welcome is for the two new pigs that 
have joined the farm for the summer. They are just starting to get use to the fact that I am the one to feed them. WE have not named them yet and may not at all sense we are only raising for meat. But we are all thrilled and love watching them. Except Mahala, she isn't so sure of them after the ones we had last year scared her. 

Then this week we said goodbye to our Mable. Joel took her to the sales barn after a month of trying to sell her on craigslist. She didn't like going in the trailer but rode fine for him. I have mixed feelings. She was great for a while but the last year or so she made it to where I didn't like to be in the pen with her. The kids see it as a chance to get in the pen with Saffy ( the horse) to brush more.  

Then I decided to expand the rabbits colony. I need the pen they where in for my chick that will be coming. Though I had hoped to get it done with out any help I ended up calling on Joel to get it finished. The rabbits seem very happy with it right now.  

     Now that the  weather is warmer and the grass is turning green I have so much to get done. Joel has been working on the gardens getting them ready to plant. Yesterday I planted the rhubarb that we received. And tomorrow we will be getting the raspberry plants that someone will be giving us. And soon we will know how our grape vines turned out. 
    I am pulled in so many different directions these days I don't want to do anything. Today was supposed to be baking. I have so many eggs in my fridge I am almost out of space. But after making a couple things I lost the energy. Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow. I going to work on my Menu for the next two week, Grocery list, and a list of things that need to get done out side so that I don't just look around with no idea. 

  Thanks for stopping by.